I truly had no idea I’d been away this long. I was sure nobody ever visited anymore, but was surprised this evening to see I’m still getting a few hits a day.  In case you’re someone checking in for an update, here it is!

Baby girl is now 2.3 years old and is simply the most adorable, loving, remarkable child ever created….in the whole, entire universe.

But I may be a little biased.

In my last post, many months ago, I talked about the trouble we were having as a couple.  It still continues to be a struggle. There are many factors that come into play, including employment instability for one of us, and possible depression, and so on.

But the one, true light that continues to help us work at it is simply delightful.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be back for another several months, but wanted to say hello.  I hope the rest of you are well.