Today I corrected my mom, who was innocently telling me a story about meeting a woman who has three adopted grandchildren. My mother mentioned that she responded with, “Oh, my granddaughter is adopted too!”

“Was.” I interrupted.

“Pardon?” says Mom.

“She was adopted. One time. It’s the same as ‘born’. It only happens once.”

“Oh, yes, I suppose you’re right.”

I wasn’t rude or impatient. It was a casual chat and I took advantage of a casual moment to educate my mom. It’s important to us that people – particularly our immediate families – use appropriate language around adoption.  Our girl is old enough now to understand most things we say.  She needs to hear about her adoption the right way, from the very beginning, if we are going to raise a child with positive self concept and a sense of well-being.

It felt good to make that tiny correction.  Perhaps I was splitting hairs…but it still felt good.