Dear Baby Girl,

You bring so much laughter and life back into our home.  I was just about to start picking up your toys but then stopped and looked at the mess in front of me.  It was just one of the countless random times throughout the day (or night) when our reality knocks me over the head and I mumble to myself, “You are really here”.

Yesterday you watched and pointed with your chubby index finger while I hung strings of red and purple hearts in our living room window.  Oh, how I’ve waited – sometimes not so patiently – to decorate for different occasions.  

The joy I feel when your face lights up as the hearts shimmer in the winter sunshine is beyond words.  I am so grateful for these moments – and I haven’t forgotten how I dreamed of this. 

I’ll use Valentine’s Day as a good reason to decorate the entire house with love hearts but secretly I’d be happy to keep them up forever.  Because you, my gorgeous daughter, are the love that fills this heart and this home.  You make our world complete.  Yup, I just used that cliché – but it fits.  We had everything else we needed or wanted, except you.  You were that last missing puzzle piece that went unfilled for so long – until last March.   Ten months later, I’m still in awe.

And in love.  You are really here.