Dear Adorable Elf Baby,

I owe you a huge apology. Before Christmas I wrote that you were only interested in ribbon and packaging rather than the actual gifts you’d been given.  Okay, it was true for a couple of days when we did some pre-Christmas opening.  But then you arrived at your Grammy and Grampy’s and the gift-giving began, big time. 

You were a complete doll.  You carefully ripped away paper, peered curiously at what was underneath and waited patiently while a new toy or book was unveiled.  Instead of immediately tossing it aside and grabbing at something else, you thoughtfully examined your shiny new item (rocking horse, doll, puzzle, etc.) and spent a few minutes playing with it.

My precious angel, it was humbling to watch you.  You reminded me of the importance receiving gifts with grace.  You were so tender, so grateful and so….genuine in your interest.  You smiled with acceptance as each item was placed in your arms.  I was so proud of you.

Thank you for making your first Christmas the most memorable of my life.