It’s not possible to end 2010 on my last post.  I do feel silly for posting it, but it was how I felt at the time, so it matters.  I’ve shaken that bit off and will write more about what I was experiencing on a run-of-the-mill day in 2011…but for now…

…Life is about the joy and light in our lives.

And the ribbon.  As predicted, baby girl is only interested in what surrounds the gifts (which have been arriving all week, thank you!)…the ribbon, the tissue and the bags or boxes.  It’s very sweet, and I’m not really fussed about it…but we do try to open gifts when it’s just us…in other words, not in front of the gift givers. 

And tonight, I’m happy to say I am ready for the biggest family celebration we have all year.  We will arrive at Grammy and Poppa’s house tomorrow, with a sleigh full of gifts and food.  We’ll get into our Christmas jammies and sit in front of the fire and while there will still be the same traditions – a new board game, the same Christmas carols and “find the Christmas pickle on the tree”…somehow it will all be different now.  Instead of six adults doing the same old thing, there will be one little cherub dressed in red with a little hat that says “Baby’s First Christmas” and one of the proudest Mommas on the planet, sitting back (hopefully with a glass of my new fave wine in hand) and glowing in the merriment of it all.

I am blessed.  Our darling girl has no clue what’s going on (well, she does seem to revel in the sparkly lights everywhere) but I can’t put into words how darn lucky I feel to be writing tags on gifts that say “To Our Baby Girl, Love Mommy”.  I cried the first time I wrote it.

Our Someday Baby is here. And I love her more than all the stars in the sky.  So when I kiss her goodnight tomorrow evening I will say a little prayer of thanks and tell her the story of how she joined our family.  I will tell her about how her birthmama chose us to be her Momma and Daddy, and I will hug her extra close, and I will look into her blueberry eyes and ask her what we did so right.  Hard to believe I can even ask that question, after so many years of asking what we were doing wrong.

As I prepare to wrap up what’s been the best year of my life, I assembled a montage of photos of our girl, which I can’t share, but I can share the song I used. I hope you like it.  Happy Merry, everyone.