Sorry I’ve been away from blogland for a bit. I have attempted to write down some thoughts a few times but then realize I don’t have a lot to share.  I wish I could share every, single moment, but it’s not to be at this point in our lives.  Maybe when our finalization is complete we’ll sing more songs from the rooftops, turn on the sprinkler and dance our way into a more open blog. 

Until then, I’m happy to report life continues to be sweet (and sticky – how about this heat?) while our precious girl grows and becomes the most adorable little person.  As we travel around the province on our various adventures, we’ve been kissed by the sunshine, blessed by the stars and drenched in kindness from all who meet us.  We’ve dipped our toes into lakes and streams, baby pools and the ocean.  Baby girl wears her summer dresses, frilled pantaloons and sun hats.  She is so cute, she’s edible.

More than once I have found myself watching the summer scene in front of me as though it’s happening to other people.  I will often pause and realize I feel like I’m acting – playing the role of mother – only to realize it is real, true life.   It STILL feels so surreal, some days.

But most days, it just feels GOOD.  I am loving this time, this summertime, more than I ever dreamed possible…and I wish for it to never end.