Dear Beautifulest (my word) Baby Ever,

While we waited for you to arrive, there were many, many moments I used to try to imagine – from the most mundane to the hugely significant – and so now it’s surreal when those “moments” actually happen.  I have to pinch myself.  One of the silly little moments I dreamed about happened recently: you felt the fresh, green grass beneath your bare toes for the first time, and my heart exploded. 

You also had your first bath in a grown up tub, tasted your first ice-cream (thanks to your sneaky Grammy) and have started to giggle at our beloved family dog.  You are grasping your toys and looking around at everything, including the TV (much to our chagrin!).

What an amazing gift from heaven.  You are becoming your own little person, right before our eyes.  We love you more each day than the one before.  Thank you for brightening our world.