Dear Beautiful Baby,

People keep telling me I’m extremely calm.  They say how laid back I am…but they never finish the sentence.  They seem surprised by the way I am with you.  I’m not sure if it’s because others can’t relate to the way you arrived and think I should be frazzled, or if it’s that most new mothers in general are more frazzled.  One thing I do know – you make it easy.  You are so chill, it calms me.  Your gentle smile and knowing eyes assure me it’s all good, and that you are mine.  That’s all I need to know.

You entered our lives in such a whirlwind, yes, but that’s how babies arrive.  Like most new moms, I’ve barely had time to collect my thoughts since you joined our family.  One day I hope to write down everything that’s happened since the day we learned you were ours, but in many ways I’m still recovering from the whole experience.   Some days I feel my soul has finally absorbed your presence; other days I am certain I have not caught up with our new reality. 

But that’s the thing. Each day is a new reality, and we’re creating our time together now.  I wake with renewed purpose and the sun shines for you and me alone.  After Daddy leaves for work I bring you to our bed for our morning sleep-in session and you settle in next to me, sigh with a deep, sweet breath, and time ceases to exist.

Our days are filled with discovery and adventure.  You are patient with me and I am in awe of you.  We make a pretty good team. 

There is a cliche often used about children entering your life that goes something like, “You won’t remember what life was like before her…”.  I wish I could say that.  I remember it too well.  It’s what makes this new life so much sweeter.