Warning: Grumpy post to follow

Sigh. I realize not everyone fully understands adoption – and heaven knows I’m no expert on the subject yet – but you’d think there would be certain professions that would not slap the same silly myths on us….such as, oh I don’t know…just picking this job out of thin air…PUBLIC HEALTH NURSES?

Sorry for the sarcasm…but seriously, today’s phone conversation with the public health nurse (who’s just getting around to calling, four weeks after baby’s arrival) was just ridiculous.  If I had a dollar for every time she said a variance of, “…adoption is a different scenario/you haven’t had the same time to prepare/this came out of the blue/I have no idea how much you know as an adoptive parent…” I’d be ordering Thai for dinner! 🙂

I kept correcting her by politely saying, “Actually, I have lots of friends with biological children who’ve indicated they were not prepared for the demands of parenting even with nine months to think about it.”  Defensive? I don’t know, but I’m already getting a little tired of the whole, “You must not have any idea what you’re doing” undertone.  Fact is, when you wait this long, you’ve done lots of reading, and one might argue you’re BETTER prepared than a biological mother.

But I digress.  The phone conversation was pretty much a wasted 15 minutes of my day, with the exception of one tip, which I’ll get to in a moment. First, I was reminded never to shake my baby, to make sure she’s always warm but not over-heating, not to use bumper pads in the crib and never to leave baby unattended on a bed or sofa (all good tips, but thanks, I’ve got those covered).

And then I was asked if I’ve been regularly cleaning the inside of baby’s mouth! Ah-ha – new information!  I had no idea you’re supposed to use a wash cloth to wipe out her mouth. Fascinating! Is this common knowledge? In our 7 years of waiting (4 as adoptive parents) I don’t think that’s a tidbit I’d picked up along the way.