It’s only been three weeks at home with baby, but I’m already feeling a bit isolated.  I know in time I’ll find a few like-minded parents who are also off work, but for now it’s just me and little one…soooo, I decided to try out a mom-and-baby yoga class this morning. 

I’m really glad I went.  I’ve been missing my practice, and was getting really comfortable with yoga just before baby arrived.  All of the other mothers (note: no dads?) were very welcoming and came right over when they saw they had a new classmate. 

But then the obvious (and innocent) questions started…”Oh she’s just six weeks? How are you feeling?”

Answer: “Well, I feel great, but I didn’t give birth to her…”


“Ohhhh, you adopted her?”

(oh my, how is this going to go??)

“Yes, we’ve had her for three weeks…”

“Oh my goodness!! Is she local?”

That has to be the number one question so far, by a mile – where did she come from??  The East coast of Canada is a very small place, and very few couples are fortunate enough to adopt an infant domestically.  It just rarely happens anymore.

My answer: “Yes, she’s from this province.”

Then another mother would arrive, and it started all over again.  One woman recognized me from university, and was very sweet about everything, offering warm congratulations. 

Maybe it was because I was the only adoptive mom, or because I’m a very private person, but I wasn’t completely comfortable with the explanation I felt obligated to provide as soon as conversation turned to this baby.  It would be fraudulent of me to just smile and say, “I feel great” when somebody is obviously asking how  my body is recovering after giving birth…but these are strangers…and it doesn’t matter what they’re asking me about – I’ve just never been an open book.

And then there was the breast feeding – lots of it! – during class…and again I was isolated.

The bottom line is it felt great to be plugged in to the outside world and enjoying a workout again…but I couldn’t help feel mildy odd, like I wasn’t quite a member in the motherhood club just yet.

Fellow AP’s, I’d love your thoughts…did this happen to you at the outset?  Did you feel a bit like a poser when you were first surrounded by biological moms?  Am I being paranoid?