It’s been two weeks with baby – and everyone seems to be adjusting well.  I can’t say for sure whether the shock has worn off…Mr. Speedbump and I have said on more than one occasion that it feels like we are babysitting…and yet we know this baby is our own.  She’s our daughter!

But what IS sinking in is how the outside world now treats me, when I have baby in tow.  It’s not their fault – baby’s hat doesn’t say “I’m Adopted” and my fashionable raincoat isn’t “non-birth-mother” brand.  Nobody can see how this child arrived, just in the same way nobody could see that I was childless and truly sad about it before March 15th.

The bottom line is, to the outside world, I’m just a new mom with her new baby, period.  They comment on her in stores and on our walks.  They say she’s adorable. I say thank you.  They ask how old. I answer.  But it’s what they don’t ask that jars me.  They don’t ask how it feels to have this new ball of wonder in my life.  They don’t ask how she has changed who I am, and how I look at the world. 

They don’t ask all of the important questions, because they have no idea what came before her.  It ‘s almost as though people take new babies for granted.  They are just part of the life cycle, and everyone has them.  They have no idea that I couldn’t – that we didn’t – until a miraculous thing happened and everything changed.