Hi Everybody,

I’m SO sorry for the delay – it was unfair of me to set things up that way and not follow through on Monday.  But if anyone was holding her breath, it’s time to breathe easy….our baby girl has arrived!

I’ve been in such elated shock, I haven’t really been aware of anything else going on in the world around me.  The world stopped when our little one arrived. 

Monday was a long, emotional, incredible day – nothing will ever come close to the experience.  We met birthmom – she was amazing.  I will have to think long and hard of a way to describe what it felt like to sit next to her, look into her eyes, and know what she was about to do, for us and for her baby.  She was so strong, I was able to draw from her strength.  I hesitate to write this as it may sound trite, but it is also the truth…she truly is my hero.

The magnitude of it all is only just sinking in today.  I’m more emotional today, 48 hours later, than I was when it all became official.  Monday was stressful and long, yesterday was surreal….today it’s real.  We have a baby.

I look at this baby, who is the epitomy of perfection, so breathtakingly beautiful.   I’m so awestruck and humbled by the opportunity we’ve been given.  I also grieve.  Adoption is about loss as much as it is about starting a family.

We will stay in close contact with birthmom.   We all want that – and this sweet little girl will have an extended family because of it.  They are lovely people. 

I wish I could post photos, but we live in a very small part of the world…I’ve changed my header photo (top) for a glimpse, but for now you’ll have to take my word for it, she is the picture of cute and cuddly.