Dear Someday Baby,

I want to attempt to make the last post(s)of the year a positive one…but you know how difficult that is.  It’s the time of year I love – and hate – the most.  My heart is still waiting to burst with joy when I get to share Christmas with you, but it also breaks every year just a little bit more, as the wait continues.

But I’ll end this year with the same resolve to become a Mommy and fulfill my dream of having a family.  I’ll begin 2010 with renewed faith and energy; fresh promises to work harder to bring you our way. 

This year without you has been filled with many blessings – and I can’t lose sight of those.  We are so fortunate, your Daddy and I, to live where we live, to have our health and our families who love us more than ever.  I am grateful for my friends, many of whom have sufferred this year – with the loss of parents, marriages ending, and custody battles. 

This year without you has given me more time to mature, to prepare for a family, and to know more than ever what’s important.  I’ve been able to open my heart to new possibilities for creating our family, including older children and even siblings!

I’ve learned there are desperate situations involving children happening in our community, and that we can have a role in protecting and loving these children.  What a gift this has been.

Finally, this year without you has narrowed the field and reduced the odds that you’ll be here sooner.  You’re out there, closer than ever, and our paths will intersect in time.

With love and gratitude,