Wow. It’s difficult enough to imagine our lives with one new family member, but two?  We’ve just taken the BIG step of putting our names forward for siblings!  Gaaaahhhhh!

I can’t say too much, and am completely leary of getting my hopes up…but we could have two little people in our lives in a matter of weeks if we are matched.  How scary is that??

Who knows what might happen, but there IS one thing I know for certain – these children deserve a loving, safe home to grow up in, where they are able to just be kids.  No child should have to endure what they have in their short lives.

I think we’re both frozen with fear…and have no idea what to do next.   Do we buy a few items, just in case?  Or wait until we get the word and then let the shopping frenzy begin?  We are totally and completely not ready. 

And then there’s Christmas!  Could this happen before then?  Yikes!  At first that thought was scary, but then I realized these children have likely never had Christmas before, so they would be happy with one or two special toys.  No problem there.

I just don’t know how to feel – I guess I simply need to keep my cool…because we are not the only family in the mix.  But wouldn’t that be cool? 

Breathe….just breathe….