We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to share what seems to me like a pretty darn good idea: let’s make domestic adoption easier and give thousands of kids a home.

An editorial published yesterday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal says of the 30,000 to 40,000 children available for adoption in this country, only about 2,300 are actually adopted in a year.  What’s more, its authors also believe it’s easier to adopt internationally than it is in Canada.

One of the biggest concerns about this issue is the long-term effect a life in care has on a young person.  Youth in care are 17 times more likely to be hospitalized for mental health issues.


Children who have a government as their parent, no
matter how well-intentioned or necessary that

arrangement is, are often damaged by it.


Interviewd about this editorial, one of its authors speaks about the provinces’ lack of participation on one of the few national public adoption registries, Canada’s Waiting Kids.   It’s true. I signed up to this site years ago, and when I do go back to have a look every 6-8 months, there are only a handful of children listed.  I’ve often wondered why this resource isn’t better utilized.

I’m happy to see this issue being addressed.  It’s time to make this journey more accessible.