Hi Someday Baby,

Today I stumbled upon a post that gave me chills – it’s over at The Adoptive Parent.  It’s just so well written and honest. Parts of this could have come from my own mind.   In particular, these words:

“…eventually I accepted adoption as legitimate a way as any other of becoming a parent. I began to embrace adoption as the right way for me to become a mother. I grew to cherish the idea and even feel special. Adoption emerged as something self-evident and fulfilling and romantic. I fell in love with the idea of adoption and I began to bond with my child-to-be-adopted-later.”

In my case, that’s you, my Someday Baby.  And then she beautifully writes:

“When you decide to adopt you open your heart to disappointments and near-misses that bring you to your knees. Many times I inched to the very edge of conclusion. Many times I thought, “I’m done. I want out. This is costing me too much of myself.” I finally realized that in those moments when I was closest to surrender I was also closest to peace, and that’s when I knew I was ready for you. I knew I was ready to be your mother because I had released my ideal. I had chosen the reality of my motherhood over the dreams of my childhood, and I understood that there was no other way for us to come together.”

Lovely, just lovely.  It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my thoughts, and my dreams.