Dear Someday Baby,

I have always tried to live my life the “right” way.   I played by the rules, respected my elders and did what was expected of me growing up.   I was a sensitive child with an over-compassionate heart.  I saved kittens destined for a horrible fate,  went hunting with my dad just so I could scare away the pheasants in advance.  I was a Brownie, a Girl Guide and an ‘A’ student.   I befriended the bullied kids, went the extra mile for my friends and blazed a trail for my little sister, who I (secretly) adored.

Later on, I became a journalist because I was sick and tired of injustice and pain in the world, and thought I could make a difference.  I helped a few people along the way, but in the end, it was me who needed the help.  Working in the media is a nasty business and its ugliness almost swallowed me whole, so I got out.

Fast forward to present day.  Now I work in the charitable sector, striving to enhance quality of life for incredibly sick children.  I also volunteer for a not-for-profit organization helping homeless youth raise their children.

I give to many charities, some anonymously.   I raise money to fight breast cancer.

Heck, I am even an organ donor.

I try to give as much of myself as possible to those who need it.  And I know better than anyone that true philanthropy means giving without expecting anything in return.

But I’ll be completely honest…..sometimes I find myself wondering why nobody knows how much families like us need help.  I find it ironic that there isn’t a “cause” supporting folks who just want to be parents.  There is no walk/run/bowl-a-thon or Live Aid concert for those of us who desperately want to adopt or can’t afford IVF treatments. 

That said, I believe karma exists, and to turn my back on it now would be foolish, but I just wish it would hurry up and give us some kind of break.  We need it now more than ever.

Love you Already,