Dear Someday Baby,

I’ve always had a “thing” for babies but I’ve managed to avoid all things baby for several years now.  It’s just safer that way.  So imagine how I felt knowing I was about to hold a newborn for the first time in….uh, a long time?

Today I met, fed and burped my coworker’s 3-day-old baby girl.  She was lovely – perfect in every new-baby way.  I went to visit because I genuinely wanted to – not out of obligation.  I thought it would be a lot more difficult than it actually was.  Actually it was almost easy.  I didn’t cry inside or cringe with pain. 

She was just somebody else’s baby.  Other than being extremely pleased to meet her, I felt…nothing.  Maybe it was because she’s not you.

I hope this is a good sign?  I’m not sure, perhaps it was a coping mechanism.  Nonetheless, I did it, and I feel good about making the effort. 

I know you will be just as cute as this baby was.