Dear Someday Baby,

Tonight your Daddy and I took a walk around the neighbourhood.  We’ve begun the fall/winter ritual of sticking to the streets rather than the park, because now it’s too dark after dinner to be on the trails.

As we weaved our way along the quietest streets, we witnessed two things that made my heart both sing and sob. 

First, I caught a flash of something moving in an upstairs window.  I looked up, and saw two adorable little monkeys jumping on what I’m assuming was a grown-up’s bed, with their Mama looking on protectively.  All you could see was their heads, bobbing up and down in the window.  Both boys around 4 or 5, they were either straight from the bathtub or getting ready for PJ’s.  Maybe their Mom was allowing them to indulge as a special treat – or, perhaps she was growing impatient and trying to corral them into their own room.  It was easy to imagine their giggles as they continued to bounce.  We could see their faces glowing.

“That should be me,” I said as we continued by.

“Yeah, it should,” was all your Daddy could muster.

Next, a few streets away, two cars approached and pulled into their respective driveways, next door to each other, at the same time.  The neighbours started to pile out, one at a time, and proceeded around to their trunks, where hockey sticks and kit bags were awkwardly lifted out and lugged into their garages.  Two kids in each car, accompanied by their dads.

“Do you wish that were you?” I asked your Daddy, with a squeeze of his hand.

“Sort of, yeah.”

And we continued the walk home, in silence.

Love you already,