Dear Someday Baby,

I’ve always said I have no idea how or when you’ll arrive, but that I’ll do everthing in my power to make sure it happens.   Your daddy and I have spent much of the past 5 years working hard and fighting like crazy to bring you to us.  We have endured so much together, just to find a way to be a family.  Infertility has brought your daddy and me more pain than we ever dreamed possible.  The lines on my face are a testiment to how many tears I’ve cried, and the number of times we’ve been told “sorry, not this time”.  And yet, we endure.

While we continue to wait for a miracle to bless us through adoption, we’ve also tried again to create your life inside me.  We saved every cent we had, injected all of the drugs, and yesterday, transferred 3 little embryos and prayed that this time, just this one time, we will get our wish.

Let this be you, my baby.  I will be waiting.  I love you already.