Dear Someday Baby,

I love this time of year.  Everything is so fresh and lush; green and new.  The earthy, leafy smells are so invigorating. It is such a treat to walk outside every morning to be met with the sights and sounds – and warmth! – of Spring.

My favourite part of Spring, by far, is witnessing the arrival of the many babies in nature.   Like the two baby squirrels I found (by accident) in the birdhouse I’d tucked in the shed over the winter.   And the baby robins hopping around awkwardly on the lawn…still not sure how to find their own worms, so they wait for mama to hand over a portion. 

The baby yellow finches are coming to our feeder.  They lack confidence – so nervous at being so darn bright and pretty?   And soon, very soon, the baby ducks will appear at the park and follow closely behind as mama duck leads the pack through the meandering waters.

Ahhh, and then there are the puppies.  It’s puppy season, which, really, is better than Christmas.  The park is FULL of floppy, happy, frolicking pups.  When a 10 week old Goldren Retriever approaches you with her flapping ears and rolly polly belly….I feel like…well, like all is right in the world.  

All the mama animals are so proud and protective of their broods.  It is such a joy to watch.  And yes, in some ways, I envy them.  But mostly it just gives me hope.  And the hope that springs to life this time of year is an essential part of reviving what’s in my heart and soul while I continue the wait for you.

Love you Already,