Dear Someday Baby,

Your room will be green and blue.  Green, because it symbolizes life and newness.  Blue, because it reminds me of the ocean and the sky. 

Today your daddy and I went to the beach.  It was freezing, but beautiful – as it is any time of the year. 

The beach is my favourite place on earth.   Your daddy and I were married next to the beach.  I go there to be uplifted.  When I hurt, it is my place of solice and strength; my one safe haven.  It is my spiritual home.

I was raised at the beach; you will be too.  In the summer, we will lay out a blanket and position an umbrella over you and nap in the warm breeze.   You will come to know the sounds of a screeching seagull and the roaring waves so well, they will sooth you and comfort you the same way they have comforted me my whole life.  

You will learn to swim there and splash in the waves.  We will build sand castles and write funny messages in the sand.   You will squeal with delight when you find a hermit crab or a starfish…and pout with equal drama when we tell you it’s not fair to take them home in a bucket.

In the fall and winter we will bundle up and go for walks on the beach.  Your cheeks will glow and your eyes will light up when we watch the giant blue waves roll onto the sand and turn to foam.

Ah, and the smell…there is no better smell than the salty air and the seaweed washed up on the shoreline.   If only one could bottle it and savour a whiff in the middle of a busy work day….I wonder if the distinct aroma will bring you as much pleasure as it does me?

As a little girl your Grammy always told me she loved me ‘more than all the grains of sand on the beach’.   Seeing as I was always playing in the sand I thought I basically just knew it meant a heck of a lot

But now that I’m ready to be your mother, I realize that the little kid with sand up her bathing suit had no clue.  It’s almost overwhelming to know that soon, very soon, I will finally feel that kind of love for my own child.  In fact, I think I already do. 

Love you already,