Hello Baby!

I have 7 or 8 paint chips stuck on your wall with masking tape. 

I really don’t want a colour that’s predictable.  Don’t get me wrong I love yellow and I love green, but I just don’t feel either would add much character or pizzaz to your room. This week I have been looking at soft greys and blues, also browns and creams…but I flip flop back and forth constantly.

It’s not that I’d be any better off knowing your gender – I don’t see myself adhering to a traditional blue or pink motif at all. No, I fear it’s something far more dysfunctional.

I think I am afraid to commit to painting your room for fear that you won’t come to us and I’ll be stuck with an empty, decorated baby’s room and still no…well, no YOU.

I have seen other Mommy-to-be’s photos of nurseries (check out this room at Heart Cries, wow!)….they are beautifully decorated and fully stocked. That takes guts. 

I am starting to second guess my plan to move forward.  I could really use some inspiration from other Moms who struggled with this.  How do you know when it’s time to get ready if you have been told, time and time again, not to hold your breath?