Dear Someday Baby,

There is a 99% chance you are going to be born (if you aren’t already) in the same building where I work.  It’s true!  I could very well be a mere two floors below you the day you enter the world (if you choose to enter it on a weekday between 9am and 5pm).  Imagine that.  It could make for a good story someday.

Nearly every week I hear a blaring sound on the PA system beckoning a medical team to a birthing room.  I always worry for whoever is in distress, but it also makes me pause for a second and make a secret wish, just in case it’s you. 

And I have to admit from time to time, I encounter a pregnant women in the hallway who – for whatever reason – makes me wonder if she might be your birthmom.  Sometimes she looks sad.  Or she might be alone.  Or there was the the other night as I was leaving work…I walked through the lobby to see a very young woman standing at the pay phone, asking the security guard for a phone number for a cab company.  Her teeny, tiny new baby was in a carrier on the floor. 

There was just something wrong with that picture.  Doesn’t seem fair that any new Mom should be calling a cab to get home with her new baby.  

Anyway, those are the moments where I look at the baby and think – is that you?

Stranger things have happened.