Hi baby!

Well, sometimes even the best-made plans don’t work out the way you hope.  It seems as soon as I decided I would paint your room, I ended up with a miserable cold and spent the entire week sniffling, coughing and sneezing. 

Other than stopping into the Ben.jamin Moo.re decorating centre to fill my purse with paint chips, I didn’t have the energy to prep the room (this is often the ickiest part and is far more work than the painting itself) for a fresh coat of paint.

Oh, and I should add your Daddy and I have hit a little stalemate on colours, too.  All along we talked about a warm but bright yellow, but I had a flash of inspiration over the holidays and am starting to get a little more creative.  I really like the idea of a fresh, pretty green (Ben.jamin Moo.re’s “Sesame”) for the bottom 2/3 of the walls, with a grey/blue upper wall/ceiling, complete with a crisp white chair rail for trim between the two colours (my decorating friend assures me it makes a room appear taller)!  I think it would be very pretty but…well, let’s just say it’s going to take some convincing before your Daddy comes around.

But here’s the good news.  Since going back to work this week, your Daddy has taken a great interest (read: pity on me?) in helping me prep your room and even decided to rip out the old carpet and baseboard trim over the last couple of days!   Yippeee!   Now you’ll not only have a freshly painted room but new flooring to boot!  Cha-ching, baby!

It all seems so silly, doesn’t it?  Making all this fuss about you when you’re not even here yet?  Sometimes I feel pretty darn foolish myself, but I keep trying to remind myself that preparing for adoption is no different than preparing for a biological child on many levels.  You have to hunker down and start getting practical at some point.  Because you know the day is coming.

The only difference is you just don’t quite know when that will be.